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Collaborative Delivery

Collaborative Delivery

Design-Build (DB); Design-Build-Operate (DBO); Construction Management at Risk (CMAR); Engineer Procure Construct (EPC).

Reynolds has extensive experience in the design and construction of water supply, water and wastewater treatment, pipeline and renewable energy facilities using many forms of collaborative delivery.

In today's challenging construction environment, no one delivery method meets the needs of the owner on every project. Reynolds has considerable experience with all forms of collaborative delivery methods including DB, CMAR and their many hybrids.

Why Design-Build?

  • Single entity responsible for schedule, cost and quality
  • Shortens time from project conception to completion
  • Allows the Owner to select a contractor based on qualifications and assures the quality of key project components
  • Creates a team approach allowing more Owner input
  • Participation of the Contractor during the design phase can reduce construction costs by considering construction methods

Collaborative Delivery Benefits

We work with you to find a hybrid delivery system that may include elements of Design-Build, Construction Management, Guaranteed Maximum with Shared Savings and Self-Performed heavy civil work.  Reynolds is a leader in the water/wastewater industry and self performs approximately 85 percent of our projects.

Reynolds can bring turnkey construction services to each project using a variety of delivery methods including design-build approaches to allow single-source responsibility for the entire project from water supply conveyance treatment distribution;  as well as the return side, with wastewater collection treatment conveyance, managing the full water cycle.

We can design and construct the complete water production system including wells or intakes, pumping stations and pipelines to deliver the water to your facility. This in-house capability allows us to provide the utmost quality control and quality assurance for every project.

Whether you need existing facility rehabilitation and expansion or “green field” plant construction each are well suited to alternative delivery.

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