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Collector Wells


The Reynolds name has been an important part of the collector well industry in the United States for the past two decades.  During this time, our history involves several iterations including ownership changes, acquisitions, and most recently a brief time of being precluded from offering such services due to terms of a purchase agreement.  However, we have since re-entered the collector well market and will once again draw from the vast  resources, core capabilities, project experience and proven performance to bring value to the industry

It is well known the key to a successful construction project is in large part driven by the experience and capabilities of those personnel directly involved with the execution of the work.  This is especially true with Collector Wells.  Our experts have successfully constructed dozens of collector wells to satisfy the needs of our municipal, industrial and utility customers.  Collector well systems typically combine high yields with low operating and maintenance costs and are generally less intrusive on the environment. Complete hydrogeological services for feasibility studies and optimum siting are also available.

Reynolds specializes in the design and construction of high-capacity water supply systems including:

● Horizontal or Radial Collector Wells ● Fixed Screen Surface Water Intakes ● Infiltration Galleries

● Riverbank Filtration (RBF) ● Sea Water Systems


Check out our Collector Well video      


Collector wells consist of a central concrete shaft or caisson equipped with horizontal screens radiating out into the water-bearing sediments. Water is drawn into the central caisson through these horizontal screens or laterals where it collects and is pumped to the ground surface or into the distribution system. Collectors are particularly well suited for developing unconsolidated aquifers where recharge can be induced from a surface water source.

For decades, collector wells have proven to be the system of choice for developing large quantities of water economically as well as efficiently. As an alternative to conventional vertical wells or surface water intakes, Reynolds constructs collector wells in order to maximize water supply production while minimizing maintenance and environmental impact. Yields from existing units range from less than 2000 gpm to in excess of 50 MGD.


Collector wells offer several environmental and operational advantages over traditional vertical wells or surface water supplies.  These advantages include:

  • Greater screen length, screen surface area, and capacity per well
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Concentration of operations requires minimal land acquisition
  • Natural filtration of raw water supply leading to reduced treatment costs


From the initial consultation and evaluation through construction, start up, operation and maintenance, our professionals will provide the most cost-effective and efficient system to deliver water in the quantity and quality you need.


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1st Collector Well-by Reynolds 1999
1st Collector Well-by Reynolds 1999
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